Top 7 best tasting microgreens

by Jason Lee • 2/7/2019

Microgreens are a world of different flavors, which some you can’t replicate from the regular vegetable on your grocery store counter.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of the flavors of microgreens from worst to best.

7. Quinoa


Quinoa is hands down the worst tasting microgreen for two reasons. First, it has a high phenolic like taste, similar to that pea greens. Second, they are very thin and feeble, giving them a hair like mouth-feel. You can’t cook quinoa microgreens without turning them to nothing. Quinoa microgreens are something you add to your morning wheat grass green juice and gulp it down as quickly as possible.

6. Broccoli/Kale


Broccoli and Kale microgreens are the healthiest microgreens you can eat. The flavors of broccoli and kale microgreens are identical, a sulfuric egg like flavor, and similar to what you would smell in a volcano. Fortunately, this flavor dissipates when you cook them, giving them a more non-descript green flavor. When eaten raw, it’s best to pair broccoli and kale microgreens with egg-like flavors, including omelets and mayonnaise.

5. Basil


The problem with basil microgreens is that it doesn’t taste any different than the adult version, such that if you are using them for cooking, they are a 1 to 1 substitute. Their small size makes them unsuitable for cooking, and more suitable to consume only for health reasons.

4. Arugula


Don’t get me wrong, arugula microgreens taste amazing. It’s crisp and peppery taste makes it a great addition to your palate. However, arugula microgreens do not taste different than baby arugula that you can easily buy from the grocery store. It makes more sense to grow baby arugula given the price of the seeds.

3. Peas


Pea microgreens are infinitely better than pea shoots that you get at the grocery store. They have a stick like crispy texture, which is retained when you cook them. Unlike their older cousins, they do not have a slimy mouth-feel. Instead, pea microgreens have a fresh green after taste, with a mild initial phenolic taste. It’s perfect for snacking, and even better for salads.

2. Radish


Radish microgreens taste crisp and peppery, since part of the bulb is harvested along with the greens. Radish microgreens go well in salads, or lightly sautéed with balsamic vinegar. With the high yields of radish microgreens in such a short time, it’s a win –win.



Sunflower microgreens are the best tasting microgreen simply because of its unique pistachio and margarine flavor. The best part is that it still retains the flavor when lightly cooked. The best part is that the oils from sunflowers are super healthy.

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